the world’s first non-referral legal service that’s a top to bottom funnel solution. The Founder/CEO Bert Seale and his IT team has developed an on-demand location based app that immediately puts the consumer in contact with local proffered lawyer wherever the client is located.


Meet our Team

Bert Seale

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Inkozi was founded by Bert Seale in 2016. Prior to founding Inkozi Bert spends his time traveling and building new relationships worldwide. He has over 28 years experience in consulting, IT, startups, software developing, extremely creative in new product ideas, inventor, author of golf books and inventor of app and web platforms.

Ron Pearl

Chief Technology Officer

Ron has more than 15 years of technology experience. Prior to joining Inkozi Ron was the VP of Engineering at Webswings, where he led a team engineers for the company's mobile, desktop, and web platforms.

Guido Gulla

Chief Product Officer

Guido Gulla has known the founder Bert for over 15 years. Guido brings 20 years of business experience, including, small business startups, large corporations and private sector.

Liza Seale

President of Global Markets

Oversees talent management and human resources at Inkozi. Prior to working with Inkozi she owned and operated her own online platform for 7 years.

Dr. Sheffield Abood

Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining Inkozi in 2015, Sheffield spent his time consulting small business around the USA heading Finance & Operations.

Adam Silva

Chief Data Officer

Adam oversees all data and advertising business operations at Inkozi. Prior to working for Inkozi USA, Adam spent 10 years collection online data for fortune 500 companies in various development and managerial roles.

Michael Boggus

Director of Digital Marketing

Michael Boggus received his Masters of Science in Education in 2007 but began his working career as an educator in the early 2000's. As his interest grew in business, his time became consumed with consulting work for start-ups or local small internet businesses. He truly has a passion for learning and developing his sense of business acumen.