Frequently asked questions is NOT a lawyer referral service. INKOZI uses its state-of-the-art technology to simply be a gateway between the consumer to reach lawyers that have joined the Inkozi lawyers gateway.


Inkozi is the first lawyer networking and nonreferral service site and mobile application in which connects consumers to preferred lawyers and services on-demand, through our geo-location analytics platform and stellar artificial intelligence tools to efficiently connect consumers in need to the appropriate legal service provider.

Inkozi simplifies the process of connecting consumers to a qualified attorney for their specific needs on-demand and aims to solve the challenge of finding the right provider quickly, especially in emotionally charged situations.. We have constructed a top-to-bottom solution that immediately directs consumers with local preferred lawyers. Any case, any place, InKozi is here to assist you in connecting you with the most properly-fitted legal assistance. Get FREE legal advice in minutes.

Free questions will be automatically directed to qualifying participating local service providers. The corresponding attorney will receive the questions through their portal to review, to then contact the consumer via phone or email.

INKOZI is committed to maintaining optimal security of our site. All personal information is safely concealed. Once you have reached an attorney with a question, the attorney will then have access to your name in order to search for any possible conflict of interest in answering your question. However, we are not responsible for any information you may include in the body of your question.
Once an attorney posts a reply to your question, their information will be displayed at the end of the reply. Additional information about the attorney can also be found on the attorney's profile page. No attorney will contact you initially, they will only reply once you choose to contact them. Our team will complete a vetting process with each provider, to ensure the quality of providers that the consumer will access on this platform is outstanding as our process requires verification of a license, certifications, a thorough background check, and a solid standing in the business community.
No. The attorneys that participate in the INKOZI platforms are not affiliated with, employed by or agents of or INKOZI USA. Any listing, name, content, or material of any attorney or law firm found on this site does not constitute an endorsement of that attorney. When deciding to hire any attorney or law firm you should do your own independent research and not solely rely on the materials found on this site.
INKOZI is a location-based app, similar to a ride share service, that reaches a local lawyer and other service providers on-demand within seconds. Download our FREE app and get started.
  1. Sign up and create and account for free.
  2. Select the desired legal category of assistance.
  3. Select or auto locate the location of need.
  4. Ask your legal question and submit./li>
  5. A lawyer will contact you in minutes. and Inkozi app is FREE for consumers to reach local on-demand lawyers and other service providers.
  1. Register for FREE
  2. Select their law area
  3. Select their state or allow auto location service.
  4. Selects their city or allow auto location service.
  5. Ask their legal question
  6. Connect to a preferred local lawyer or provider
  7. Once submitted, the service provider will receive the question and comply quickly
Providers on InKozi consist of the top lawyers, chiropractors, and bail agents in your community. These providers are here to guide you with all things legal!


To sign up
Once you have claimed your category and city as a provider, there is a 48-hour approval process to ensure that the provider is in good standing with the state.
InKozi aims to solve the challenge of finding the right provider quickly, especially in emotionally charged situations. We provide high, sustainable growth through our integrated in-platform recruitment tools, solutions and expertise with our hyper social networking business model.
  1. We are an exclusive AI technology company that connects consumers to preferred providers in our network
  2. No pay-per-click
  3. Providers claim exclusive territories by category and city
  4. Delivers the highest ROI
  5. We are a non-referral/ non-directory company. Exclusive claim for provider territories
  6. No long term contracts
  7. Pay as you go hosting period
  8. We offer Legal Financing for consumers, get paid immediately
  9. We use preferred merchant services
  10. Social Media Solutions and Sharing
  11. Customized URLs
  12. Local Search & Map Listing
  13. Featured on INKOZI web and mobile app
  14. Guarantee Google 1st page SEO
  15. Custom dashboard keeps track of all clients
Consumers that use the website for free and can ask any legal question to an on-demand lawyer or service provider within the Inkozi gateway. Inkozi has up to 7 slots per city and categories that may be filled. Providers will receive these inquiries to then make contact with the potential client within seconds to address the next steps.
Inkozi uses its proprietary technology and custom designs each provider's personal URL. For example: Each provider gets their own personal URL that Inkozi generates for them and optimizes SEO through our artificial intelligence.
Based on the selected territory and category, our system functions on a rotation cycle.
There are up to seven slots available per city and category of service. Once the first category and city has been claimed, this spot will be known as the default. The default attorney receives all of the potential leads/clients until the next slot has been filled by another provider. This process continues and so forth until all seven slots are filled. After all seven slots have been filled, the system will then rotationally function. Until all slots are filled, the current filled slots will be on the rotational system.
Inkozi initially charges a $375 administration set up fee. Thereafter, a monthly fee of a $45 hosting fee per category and city is charged, pay as you go. This covers all of their benefits, although if a provider is in need of phone/site/social media management, there are additional programs and fees. and Inkozi app is FREE for consumers to reach local on-demand service providers.
No, after the administration fee is paid, InKozi will host the provider’s profile on a pay-as-you-go basis. Providers can cancel the hosting of his or her profile page at any time within a 30 day period. The provider’s hosting profile will automatically renew at the end of each month unless canceled.
The provider’s dashboard platform screens the potential clients through artificial intelligence programs. This ensures that the provider is receiving quality clientele that is relevant to their work as our artificial intelligence through the provider’s dashboard prompts qualification through a questionnaire prior to engagement.
Yes, a provider can claim as many cities and categories where they practice through our app. A provider may only claim one slot of seven per category.
Once an inquiry lands in a provider’s dashboard, they will be notified instantly. Once contact has been made through InKozi and one has consulted with a potential client, all conversations and services between the client and provider are now client and lawyer privilege.
  1. InKozi is exclusive with its providers and only allows a maximum of seven within each city and category. We are selective and only connect with the best.
  2. InKozi provides free answers to questions by experts in the category. Connect and consult with trusted professionals for free.
  3. InKozi is a location-based app, making it easy to access assistance in your area instantly.
  4. Providers earn 100% of their service fees, we are a non-referral company and do not engage in fee-sharing.
  5. Each provider is given their custom URL, for SEO purposes.
No, a provider can only select one category per city.
InKozi is a nationwide app that uses a sharing business economy model. Along with our marketing and advertising strategies, we have also created strong partnerships with local businesses and merchant partners in order to promote repeat customers and quality providers that allow our community to thrive.
No, once a profile is hosted, immediate exposure has already begun.
We use a pay-as-you-go system. At the date of activation of the following month, your package will renew unless you cancel it.

InKozi uses a business model that includes a hyper social networking platform. We use the transformative power of social media as the ultimate competitive advantage. This model is considered to be more personal as we invite all parties to engage in satisfying their needs, creating a large knowledge network. We give all business owners, beginners or experienced, an opportunity to promote their brand at no charge. This generates a peer to peer community of collaborative activity creating an effective and natural way of exposure.

InKozi desires to act as an all-in-one solution platform, assisting in business evolution as we offer multiple sources of database management. This includes

  1. Provider Site Blogging
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Phone and Email Services
  4. Third Party Financing Resources
Providers on InKozi consist of the top lawyers, chiropractors, and bail agents in your community. These providers are here to guide you with all things legal!


To Sign up
Once you have claimed your category and city as a provider, there is a 48-hour approval process to ensure that the provider is in good standing with the state.
Unlike traditional cyber marketplaces that charge a fee or percentage for brand promotion, InKozi offers this opportunity for beginning and established businesses to engage for FREE at no charge. Becoming an affiliate of InKozi is beneficial as we create strong partnerships with businesses within the community, allowing us to bring the top value to all parties. These loyal and repeat connections allow our community to thrive. Our platform is powered by meaningful data and industry expertise is created to set your business up for success, assisting in growth, regardless of where your business journey currently stands.
We do not charge our affiliates as your company and engagement allows us to connect within other streams, following our hyper social networking business model.
Through our multi-tier system, we bond our InKozi social stack through relentless digital marketing to reach and engage with prospecting clients. Your profile will be linked to other related services that may come hand in hand with your expertise to build on one another’s businesses.
As an affiliate, you will indeed have access to your own dashboard on our platform, which will display the qualifying potential clients who have reached your brand through our top tier SEO system, allowing your brand to populate on Google’s first page.
InKozi allows affiliates to gain exposure and gain business through our strong partnerships with other local businesses in the community. Growth happens when you reach the right customers at the right time. We use deep linking and cross-device tracking resourced to connect clients with multiple service providers in need. Our sharp technology enables you to drive more conversations to promote your brand. Grow your business and make lifetime connections!
Your page as an affiliate will be displayed under the jurisdiction of your brand based on location and category along as within our search database. Consumers will locate your page alongside relevant other businesses to generate business.

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