Frequently Asked Question

It’s the 1st non-referral service and location-based app for consumers to reach lawyers that have joined the Inkozi lawyers gateway.

Inkozi a location-based app that makes hiring and on-demand lawyer… easy. Get FREE legal advice in minutes. We created a top-to-bottom funnel solution that immediately puts the consumers directly in contact with local preferred lawyers wherever the client is located. Got pulled over for DUI use INKOZI app, car accident use INKOZI app or just have a legal question use INKOZI app its that simple. is NOT a lawyer referral service. INKOZI uses its state-of-the-art technology to simply be a gateway between the consumer to reach lawyers that have joined the Inkozi lawyers gateway.

Free questions will be automatically forwarded to qualifying participating local attorney (based on location and areas of law). The attorneys who receives it will then review the question. At this point it will either

  1. Call the consumer.
  2. E-mail the consumer
INKOZI is committed to maintaining the security of our site. Your personal information (e.g. your name, address, email address, phone, etc.) is concealed from ALL USERS of INKOZI Answers. Only the INKOZI administrators have access to your personal information. For questions the attorneys answering your question do have access to your name so that they may see if there is a conflict of interest in answering your question. However, we are not responsible for any information you may include in the body of your question.
When an attorney posts a reply to your question, you will find information about that attorney displayed at the end of the reply. Additional information about the attorney (i.e. name, address, e-mail, phone number etc.) can also be found on the attorney's profile page by clicking on the attorney’s name. No attorney can contact you directly unless you chose to first contact him or her.
No. The attorneys that participate in INKOZI Answers are not affiliated with, employed by or agents of or INKOZI USA. We cannot guarantee the qualifications of any of the attorneys who participate in INKOZI Answers. Any listing, name, content, or material of any attorney or law firm found on this site does not constitute an endorsement of that attorney. When deciding to hire any attorney or law firm you should do your own independent research and not solely rely on the materials found on this site.
Ever heard of "UBER"? "Car ride for consumers on-location". INKOZI is your location-based app that can reach an on-demand lawyer wherever you are within seconds. All you have to do is download the FREE app.
  1. Sign in for free
  2. Select your legal category
  3. Select auto locate or select your state and city
  4. Select your legal question
  5. Submit your question to the lawyer
  6. Lawyer will contact you in minutes


Inkozi has is offering the first slot seat to a preferred lawyer for $1000 We work on a rotation cycle, how it works is each seat has a number of potential clients you receive. The first slot/seat gets 5 potential clients and slot 2 – 7 gets one potential clients.
There are seven slots/seats available. If you don’t choose first slot you will only be getting one potential client. Where the first slot gets 5 potential clients.
The lawyer that claims the 1st seat/slot for that law category and city will get the potential client. And once number of calls/mails have been received it rotates to next Seat/slot.
  1. We will keep track of the SEO search's.
  2. You don’t have all those extra charges like – SEO, Hosting fees.

Patent pending twitter and Facebook sharing to your community … google recognizes that.

Consumers that use the website for free and can ask any legal question to an on-demand lawyer within the Inkozi gateway. Inkozi has up to 7 lawyers per city per law category to answer the consumer’s question. Lawyers will make contact with the potential client within seconds to address the potential clients legal question.
Inkozi uses its patent pending technology and custom designs each lawyer personal URL. For example: . So, each lawyer get their own personal URL witch Inkozi Generates for them. And that URL will always stay the same.
Inkozi charges the lawyer a hosting / licensing fee starting from $19,95 per law category per city per month. Depending on case studies filed per county / district.
  1. The number of views you have received
  2. Frequently asked question
  3. Your personal information
  4. Reviews
  5. Your Facebook and twitter
  6. Claim more cities
  7. Payment history
  8. Subscription
  9. How it works
  10. Pricing Guide and Inkozi app is FREE for consumers to reach local on-demand lawyers.
No annual hosting service at or on the inkozi app. Inkozi will host the lawyers profile on pay-as-you-go bases. Lawyers can cancel the hosting of his / her profile page anytime within a 30 day period. Lawyers hosting profile will renew at the end of each month unless canceled.
Yes, a lawyer can claim as many cities and law categories where he has a law practice. A lawyer can only claim one law seat/slot of the seven lawyers permitted per city.
Once a call comes throe the dealing is between you and the client. And on the call/email, you as lawyer and consumer can discuss necessary things.


  1. Is online lawyer directory and randomly display lawyers and advertising list get reshuffled.
  2. At AVVO a client has to pay for his question to be answered.
  3. AVVO is not a location based portal.
  4. AVVO allows numerous amounts of lawyers per law category.

Inkozi ... "offer so much more look at benefits"

  1. Is not a directory.
  2. Does not charge the consumer to ask a legal question.
  3. Has created the worlds 1st location based app for consumers to reach lawyers instantly.
  4. Limits the numbers of lawyers to the gateway.
  5. Lawyers get to keep 100% of potential client's legal fees.
  6. <
  7. URL custom lawyer dashboard. only permits 7 lawyers per law category per city
No, a lawyer can only select one law seat/slot for city.
Patent pending social media lawyer profile page
  1. Television
  2. Radio adds
  3. Local pubs
  4. Marketing Materials
  5. affiliated platforms foosc, websings, contractors
No, you can cancel subscription with in 30 days.
Your profile is a pay as you go profile. So on the begging of each month your package will renew it self.

Consumer and Inkozi app is FREE for consumers to reach local on-demand lawyers.
  1. Register for FREE
  2. Select their law area
  3. Select their state or allow auto locate.
  4. Selects their city if auto locate was not selected.
  5. Select their legal question
  6. Connects them to preferred local lawyer
  7. Once submitted you as the lawyer will receive an email with all the necessary information on.