InKozi was established in Orlando, Florida by tech-savvy entrepreneur Bert Seale to assist
consumers in quickly accessing on-demand legal assistance.


Why Inkozi?

InKozi is a non-referral, revolutionary technology company that provides users with the ability to instantly connect to Lawyers, Bail Agents, and Chiropractors in an Uber-like on-demand fashion. Our proprietary technology gives us a competitive edge over our competitors and provides the highest quality service to our users and the service providers in our network. The "user experience" is the most streamlined of all offerings; consumers can now find vetted providers without using GOOGLE search.

Did you know…

Lawyers typically only respond to new clients within 24-48 hours
after leaving a message.


of legal consumers prefer to contact an attorney via phone calls.


of them anticipate a response on the same day they make contact.



Legal consumers turn online

to vet attorneys

Consumers typically browse 2 to 5 websites before reaching out to a lawyer, highlighting the increased significance of utilizing InKozi to efficiently find the appropriate legal representation and avoid unnecessary complications.

whats makes us different ?