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Inkozi is the first lawyer networking and nonreferral service site and mobile application in which connects consumers to preferred lawyers and services on-demand, through our geo-location analytics platform and stellar artificial intelligence tools to efficiently connect consumers in need to the appropriate legal service provider.

Inkozi simplifies the process of connecting consumers to a qualified attorney for their specific needs on-demand and aims to solve the challenge of finding the right provider quickly, especially in emotionally charged situations.. We have constructed a top-to-bottom solution that immediately directs consumers with local preferred lawyers. Any case, any place, InKozi is here to assist you in connecting you with the most properly-fitted legal assistance. Get FREE legal advice in minutes.

Free questions will be automatically directed to qualifying participating local service providers. The corresponding attorney will receive the questions through their portal to review, to then contact the consumer via phone or email.

InKozi is committed to maintaining optimal security of our site. All personal information is safely concealed. Once you have reached an attorney with a question, the attorney will then have access to your name in order to search for any possible conflict of interest in answering your question. However, we are not responsible for any information you may include in the body of your question.
Once an attorney posts a reply to your question, their information will be displayed at the end of the reply. Additional information about the attorney can also be found on the attorney's profile page. No attorney will contact you initially, they will only reply once you choose to contact them. Our team will complete a vetting process with each provider, to ensure the quality of providers that the consumer will access on this platform is outstanding as our process requires verification of a license, certifications, a thorough background check, and a solid standing in the business community.
No. The attorneys that participate in the InKozi platforms are not affiliated with, employed by or agents of or InKozi USA. Any listing, name, content, or material of any attorney or law firm found on this site does not constitute an endorsement of that attorney. When deciding to hire any attorney or law firm you should do your own independent research and not solely rely on the materials found on this site.
InKozi is a location-based app, similar to a ride share service, that reaches a local lawyer and other service providers on-demand within seconds. Download our FREE app and get started.
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  5. Ask their legal question
  6. Connect to a preferred local lawyer or provider
  7. Once submitted, the service provider will receive the question and comply quickly
Providers on InKozi consist of the top lawyers, chiropractors, and bail agents in your community. These providers are here to guide you with all things legal!
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