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ANDREA BLACK - Family Law Divorce and Custody Attorney 1 reviews

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Over 20 years family law experience and litigation including: difficult timesharing (custody) issues; complex financial issues; valuation of family owned businesses; representing physicians, athletes, medical personnel; alimony, timesharing and child support modification; Challenging relocation of children. Over 15 years criminal defense, handling high profile and first degree murder, death penalty and stand your ground cases. Ms. Black focuses on family law issues with a view seeking equality and consideration of the best interest of the minor children. Her focus in criminal defense has always been the right to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

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  • Thanks for taking my call. What a great chat I had with Andrea Black. She know the law. by Michael on 16th May, 19

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Family Law Divorce and Custody Attorney in Orlando FL

Andrea Black Family Law Divorce and Custody Attorney in Orlando FL

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