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Many people who are charged with drunk driving just assume there is no way to fight it. They think the best they can hope for is a smaller fine or a reduction in the amount of time they lose their license. Sometimes, they are able to make a deal for probation instead of jail time. Experienced and Focused Missouri Drunk Driving Attorney Renowned trial lawyer Travis Noble Jr. provides the experienced, aggressive criminal defense you need. Now covering DUI cases in Independence , Missouri, attorney Noble has 30 years of experience working on DWI cases on both sides of the law. His insights from 10 years as a police officer and narcotics agent have helped him develop DWI defense strategies that get results.

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  • I called my lawyer friend Travis Noble to discuss a DUI issue a friend had... this lawyer is GOOD. Should you have any qiestions regarding DUI issues contact Travis Noble Jr. covering all of Missouri. by Bert on 8th Apr, 19
  • Mr. Noble thanks for taking my call and explaining everything to me. Mr Noble was so helpful should you or someone have a DUI issue call this guy he is the best. by Michael on 26th Apr, 19

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Driving Under the Influence Attorney in Independence MO

Travis Noble Driving Under the Influence Attorney in Independence MO

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