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Mr. Messina’s practice in the liquor liability (“Dram Shop”) practice area has flourished over the past five years. He has developed a strategy of prosecuting cases against providers of alcohol. Results speak for themselves and his services have benefited clients in need ranging from those who have been permanently disabled by a drunk driver, left without a spouse due to a drunk driver, and more importantly the children who have lost a parent due to drunk driving. Along these same lines, Mr. Messina has extensive experience in automobile accident cases, wrongful death cases, and premises liability cases. In 2013, Mr. Messina was part of a legal team that obtained the 8th largest settlement of the year per The National Law Journal October 21, 2013 publication, a top ten settlement in Texas for 2013, and the largest settlement in Panola County, Texas history. In addition to the personal injury cases, Mr. Messina handles various business litigation cases involving breach of contract, fiduciary duties, partnership disputes, real estate and construction litigation, trade secrets, shareholder derivative claims, business fraud, and non-competition/non-solicitation. Comfort in the courtroom and willingness to try the case sets Mr. Messina apart from his adversaries in these areas. Mr. Messina also advises clients in their general business dealings. Litigation experience, a former career in public accounting at Ernst & Young, and personal business and real estate investment history provide perspective his clients appreciate.

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