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Ramsey Dulin is recognized Ramsey as a top business lawyer in Winter Park Florida. Dulin has practiced law in the State of Florida for over 30 years, currently offering legal services and advice with regard to a wide spectrum of business- and business-related areas, including clients with a business presence or operations not only in Florida but also in many areas outside the State of Florida. His experience includes the formation and continued representation of businesses that have established multiple State locations nationwide, either through company locations or franchise locations, preparation of franchise offering circulars and offering business investment opportunities. He has advised, negotiated and drafted a wide variety of business contracts, partnerships, commercial leases (including retail locations and office locations), employment agreements, commission-based employment or combinations thereof, independent contractor agreements, construction agreements, contracts for the sale and/or purchase of businesses or portions of ownership of businesses, and most all business related documents, or agreements, or activities.

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  • I have known Attorney Ramsey Dulin from Winter Park for over 29 years. Should you have any business issue or just want to talk to a great lawyer Ramsey Dulin is your guy. Covering all business law Attorney in Winter Park FL. by Bert on 16th May, 19

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