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The attorneys of the Martin-St. Lucie area Treasure Coast Legal firm offer a variety of services to clients in South and Central Florida. Having established themselves as formidable courtroom litigators in the field of Personal Injury Law, founding partners John W. Chapman, Esq. and Shaun T. Plymale, Esq. began applying their skills to other areas of endeavor, including Criminal Defense, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Real Estate Law, Workers\' Compensation Litigation, Commercial Law, and Probate Law. This expansion or services has allowed them to better serve clients by offering a comprehensive skill set to individuals who require representation in several different areas of the law.

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  • Shaun was great seeing and thanks for the help by Bert on 2nd Aug, 17
  • this lawyer is good thanks for your time Mr Plymale by Rudo on 16th Aug, 17

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